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Thank you for visiting the Doing Our Needed Services, Inc. "The D.O.N.S. Program" website. 

The D.O.N.S. Program is a Consortium of programs and services established to assist our community.  Here you will find information and resources that focus on Developing, Mentoring and Building Our Community.      For more information,

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BUDS Mentoring, Inc.

           "Bringing Up Devoted Sons"                                   


                 "Bringing Up Divine Sisters"

A Mentoring and Youth Development Service

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Let TRF Vendors Services Make Your Cooking Needs Be At Ease For You.  We Will "Keep You Rubbing Your Stomachs and Licking Your Fingers Each and Everytime"


Parks & Recreation       




 Richland County CASA's Diversity Statement

As the organization that advocates for any child referred by the Family Court in Richland County, South Carolina, Richland County CASA is committed to understanding and honoring the diversity of the families from which they come. Here, while racial and ethnic differences may be most evident, we also recognize diversity in socioeconomic status, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical and mental ability, and viewpoints.


















Mission Statement

As advocates for keeping families together, the Family Shelter provides emergency shelter to homeless families with children, while coordinating services to alleviate the conditions that contributed to their individual circumstances.

















The mission of Palmetto Healthy Start is to reduce infant deaths, to improve the health system for pregnant women and their families by increasing access to care, and to reduce racial disparities in health outcomes. We deliver our services through a community-based approach and challenge communities to address the medical, behavioral and psychosocial needs of women and infants by:

  • Increasing awareness of the causes of and solutions for infant mortality;
  • Building partnerships of commitment among families, volunteers, businesses, health care professionals and social services providers; and
  • Coordinating services between public and private agencies.















 It is the mission of the Richland County Sheriff's Department to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Richland County by maintaining a high standard of professional accountability, reducing the fear of crime, and reducing the fear of retaliation from those persons who constitute the criminal element within the county. This mission will be accomplished through the collaborative efforts of the Sheriffs Department and the community, by employing effective Community Policing strategies and problem-solving techniques, supported by aggressive enforcement of Federal, State and Local Laws.



The mission of the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition is to strengthen families through father engagement by

  • providing effective parenting, personal development, and general life skills

  • improving the skill-base of fathers through education and employment opportunities

  • providing an environment that is conducive to the entire family

  • mediating issues between the father and the mother of his children

                                       SCANPO Mission

The mission of the S.C. Association of Nonprofit Organizations (SCANPO) is to serve, support and strengthen nonprofit organizations for a better South Carolina.

















Our mission is to enlighten the minds of children with hope for a better tomorrow while encouraging  positive attitudes towards life, meanwhile,  empowering them with the tools to reach new goals and aspirations so they can embrace new found beauty, gifts and talents that lie within leaving them with a

 Divine Impression



"The DONS Program"

Doing Our Needed Service

“It is our mission to stimulate the minds of our youth and young adults, empowering them with the knowledge and skills unlocking their potential to sustain healthy lives and communities.”


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